ARCHERZ MRS INDIA 2017 grand success party.

It was a great evening of 11th June 2017, when during grand cricket match between India and South Africa, a great function was held where celebration of successful event of “Archerz Mrs India 2017” was celebrated. The event was organised by ‘Being Tushar Dhaliwal’ and ‘Archana Tomar’. The celebration was attended by lots of media person and mainly by Manish Luthra, Ruchi Narula, Priyanka Pol, Himani Deshwal, Anjali Rajput, singer Shibani Kashyap, Brinda Pareekh, actress Alina Mughal, Diljaan Wadia, D J Sherwood and Sohail Khan.


Tusshar Dhaliwal, founder, is Managing director of viscera events and models management. Archana Tomar, is president, she is Mrs Universe Generous, Mrs Universe North Central Asia, also director of Archana Tomar Creation and M.D of Tomar group.